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DAY 40 of the 40 DAY CHALLENGE

You made it–it’s Passion Sunday, the beginning of Easter week.  We have some really good blogs this week.  The program will end on Easter Sunday, April 5th.   Below is a message from us, a spiritual devotion for today, and this week’s final layout.






We hope you found the 40 Day Challenge to be a life transforming opportunity – and you became a better you! This Lent the focus was on preparing, offering and embracing a healthy lifestyle for Christ. Recognizing that a “well person” is balanced socially/emotionally, physically, intellectually, spiritually, vocationally and environmentally. For us, the spiritual aspect (“the trunk”) is not just a component of a well person it is the core and foundation, the other areas are “the branches”. Therefore the 40 Day Challenge focused on the total person.

This coming weekend is Easter. The Gift. The gift of forgiveness and the chance to start a new. It is never too late! Christ died for us, our sacrifice is to care for the gifts Christ has given us. You are His gift. So now the “challenge” is to continue to honor Him for His sacrifice.

Throughout life, our hope is for you to always find your Strength from Within”.

Enjoy this week, Yours in Christ!

Sonya and Kerri



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