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Train 2 SOARE


Focuses on speed, overall strength, agility, range of motion/reaction time, and educational support for parents. Train2SOARE will enhance athletic performance of any sport: basketball, volleyball, soccer, football, lacrosse, rugby, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, cheerleading, track and field, etc … you name it! For intermediate athletes. (Grades K-8 unless noted.)


Focuses on sport specific skills, game strategy, point logic, sportsmanship, team building and scrimmage time.  We offer several Sport4UClinics, they are: baseball, rugby, football, cheer/tumble/stunt. (Grades K-8 unless noted.)


Small group sport specific focused training.  4-6  athletes in a group.  Scheduled in hour blocks once a week for a month.  Call for availability and cost – 260-433-0024.

GREAT PROFESSIONALS Over 75 years of combined experience . . .

PROFESSIONALS Over 120 years of combined experience…


SCOTT  MACKLIN, MS                                                              

P.E Teacher, Personal Trainer, Published strength program for New York Knicks, worked with Indiana Pacers in sports conditioning and speed/agility


American College of Sports Medicine Member, 26 years as a Personal Trainer and Wellness Coach


Internationally Certified Level 300 Rugby Coach. Youth development officer for Rugby Indiana

WHEN: May 31 – June 30  
Mondays/Thursdays @ Havenhurst Park, New Haven


9:30 – 10:30AM  (K-4TH)
10:30 – 11:45AM (5-8th)

WHEN: May 31 thru June 30

10 – 1130 AM        BASEBALL: Hitting and Timing                                                                                                 

1030AM – 12        CHEER: Cheer/Tumble/Stunt (St John’s Catholic School, New Haven)                                        

6:30-8:30PM       RUGBY: Ruke, Pass, Run, Score (Mondays only K-8) and FOOTBALL: Pass, Routes, Block, Defend, Game Strategy, Scrimmage Time (Wednesdays only 5-8)


  • Girls stay w/ girls and boys stay w/ boys — rotate to coaches
  • Conditioning for areas will be done both indoors and outdoors
  • Educational support for families will be beginning, mid, and end

COST (includes t-shirt):

$85 Train2SOARE, $75 Sport4UCLINiC both $150 by May 13th.
On May 14
th $95(T2S) $85(S4UC) both $170.

Questions: Call 260-433-0024 or email

REGISTER EARLY ONLINE HERE and save.  Register onsite the day of event.

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